Výuka Bible

„Usychá tráva, květ prší, ale slovo Boha našeho zůstává na věky.“ Bible, Izaiáš 40:8

Testimonies in English (text)

I am a Czech. I was born during communism in the Czechoslovakia. My parents were very young. Unfortunately they got divorced about six years later and mother married again. It was not a very happy family. My parents weren't told a good principals of life, they never properly heard of God. Who would teach me than? All that I remember was that I was a very rebellious child. I stole, told lies and was very deceitful. I know, that I did it deliberately. It wasn't because of the surroundings. By the time I was 15 I had already started smoking and drinking regularly.

When I was 17, my stepfather raped me. As a result he was sent to prison. Shortly afterwards my mum who had been sufferning from cancer died at the age of 36. My biological father was not interested in his family at all. I was without parents and my life went completely in the wrong direction. I had lost the support of a mother and her leadership.

It was as if I had fallen into a deep hole. I was now free to do what I wanted in my heart. I wanted to be totally free and I thought it may come through drugs. At school, we were with friends who encouraged each other to do it. We read books about drugs addicts. We wanted to experience the hallucinations.

I started taking drugs. I must say, that is true that if you begin with so-called "smart" drugs sooner or later you end up taking hard drugs.

I liked the dropouts: their clothing, the way they talked, their alternative lifestyle and values. At the time, I wanted to be just like them. I had no other role model. I respected them even if they were drug dealers. I loved that company. I wanted to be like them, to have power over other people. In order, to be somebody. I also took drugs to experience something. It made me feel that I was something more special than other ordinary people. I visited many Hare-Krishna festivals and ate a lots of their food. It gave me peace for a while and I felt good about myself. However, it was actually a life full of inner and outer conflicts.

I left for Prague and lived on and from the street. I was finally free to do what I wanted. I was a part of the Timothy Leary's cyberpunk culture (which also includes traveling around Europe and further) and dancing to hypnotic "tuc tuc twenty three TEMPO, yeah" music called tekkno. I believed in shamans (Carlos Castaneda) and magic and I wanted to be a witch (Taisha Aberal).

I was absolutely in love with people who called themselves "nomads". I felt like I belonged to this "family". But things went wrong. I could not do it. I was naive. I lost friends I was traveling with. I found myself alone in the foreign country. I had no real friends and no direction, no home in any sense of the word /spiritually and physically I was completely lost/.

I met many strange people on the way especially the Arabs (they abused me a lot on my way while being abandoned in the foreign country). My mind was largely opened through drugs to very deep and really evil spiritual things. I felt I needed help. In addition, I felt that nobody would understand me.

I suddenly realized that I am just a person who can die at any time. DIE!!! Death...! I started to fear DEATH and I had no answers for it. What will be then? Where I will go? Why am I alive if I have to die? What is the meaning of life? What's actually right and what's wrong?

I was sure that life that I had been living was one big mistake in the Matrix. My soul was in crisis.

I couldn't sleep in peace. My conscience reminded me about all my mistakes. I became to be lost. I felt so wretched. I wanted to kill myself. But me and suicide was like a two magnetic poles. + and -. I know that God didn't let me to do it. I asked to be put into a psychiatric clinics. Nothing helped. They just gave me other drugs. One doctor said one thing. Another doctor said something else. I wanted to know what was true, not just opinions of people. I didn't know much about normal life actually and I just knew only people from outside of normal society. I had no principles. I couldn't resist what I now know to be sin, even if wanted to.

But LORD/HOSPODIN knew that even before the world was made I was chosen to be one of His children. :)

I came back to the Czech Republic. I wanted to go to work. Through many circumstances, I met an independent Christian family. I knew in my heart, that it is good to be with them. They were kind to me, loving, they listened and understood me. They offered me a little job. I was also invited to a Bible study. I didn't liked it at all at first. I thought, that Christianity is something very old fashioned :/

But at the same time, I was actually happy to hear about that I could be saved from all my terrible history. I knew that I was a sinner (hříšník). I wanted to be saved. I knew I had to repent (činit pokání) and believe. I had a many spiritual battles, but God kept calling me.

Around that time I was warmly welcomed to live with the family in their house. One day we watched Pilgrim's Progress movie inspired by famous Christian writer John Bunyan - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiZK3delemw
This story (allegory) is the second most famous after Bible in all true Bible-believing Christian world.

I was moved with this film and I found myself as the Pilgrim. After watching it I was absolutely sure that I don't want to end up in hell. I prayed with godly fear of God. In prayer I said to God that I believe that Bible is the only truth I can hold in all universe. I asked Jesus to forgive me all my sins and to help me to walk in His ways. I got save and got a new life.

I was happy that I am clean through death of Jesus (his blood was shed for me), that I have a new beginning. I could finally have a peace in my soul and was able to sleep safely.

Since I got born again the change can be seen on me clearly. Some of my friends don't recognize me in the streets.

God had changed me on the inside and the outside.

I would like to warn everybody.

DON'T try to live and take drugs as I did!

You lose your time and nothing will be blessed.

I have just lost my time, but you can lose your life and end up in hell. As some of my friends did...

Put your trust in the LORD Jesus. If you will do that you won't ever regret it. I say it in all truth. Jesus is, Jesus saves...He loves you and cares for you. Go to Him!

II. Corinthians 5, 17